On the 11th of March, a group of newbie anglers booked a trip with Jomfishing to try fishing for the first time! Our fishing guide, Reza brought these 6 individuals out in the open sea in Port Dickson for their first ever trip! After the trip, I interviewed Reza to find out how the trip went.

What is the name of the charter used? Was it in good condition? Was the boatman helpful and informative?

I chose to bring them on Asyraf’s Charter (https://trip.jomfishing.com/asyraf-charter-port-dickson) because the boat he provided could fit 7 of us and his price is reasonable as well. The boat was in good condition, however, it does not have much shaded area to fit all of us so at certain period of the day, I had to stand outside in the scorching sun, but it isn’t something I mind! The boatman, Mr. Asyraf and his crew, Pak Din was very much helpful as they were generous with tips and tricks for jigging. They even shared their jigs with us, which we later found out cost a bomb! (But that jig helped us catch a big one, which made the anglers quite excited!)

What is the exact location you brought them to?

On Saturday morning, we met up at the jetty near Pejabat Pelabuhan Port Dickson, a more common known trademark is Standard Chartered Bank, which is across from the jetty.  We set sail at 8 am sharp out into the open sea.

How long were you guys on the boat before catching the first fish?

The first few hours we were fishing at areas where massive cargo ships were passing by. As time went by and the bite rates were low, our captain Mr. Asyraf brought us out to deeper waters which is said to be close to the border of Indonesia. It was here where one of our friend, Michael hooked on a big grouper.


How many people on the boat were completely new to fishing?

In total there were 8 people on the boat and 6 were newbies. Like real newbies where 4 of them never hold a rod and reel before but it was no big deal as I gave a safety and fishing briefing earlier before reaching the fishing spot and thankfully everyone learned pretty fast and got the hang of it. 

What kind of fishes were caught?

Total fish caught was sadly only 3. But I asked the boatman and he said it was the similar case for 2 other boats that went out that morning, so maybe it wasn’t the best day for fishing. Nonetheless, our newbies were excited to have felt what it means to fight a fish and successfully catch them. The 3 fishes that were caught was a Grouper (Kerapu), Snapper (Jenahak), and Eastern Little Tuna (Gerong Belang).


What was the best rod and lure to use for this kind of fishing and which ones were not effective for catching fish?

Usually for jigging at PD rods that a recommended are PE 2 above that can play a 150 to 200 gram jig easily. The water current here can get quite strong therefore it’s more effective to use a heavier jig like 200 grams to ensure it reaches the bottom faster.

How long were you on the boat for?

We departed the jetty at 8am and got back at 6pm on the dot.

How was the weather? Is march a good time of the year to go PD?

The weather was good actually with a little wind but the current however was quite strong yet it wasn’t a choppy kind of ride on the boat. It was still quite smooth. One of the reasons for the low bite rate from what the captain says is because the water is relatively murky now. Usually March will be good time to come down here but even I noticed that the water was a bit blur as we could not see our jigs after 2 feet. On my previous trip however the water was so clear I could see at least 3-4 feet  before my jig disappeared into the depths.

Were there any difficulties faced?

Yes there were. One of our friend had hooked on the reef and being a newbie he thought it was a fish and strike the rod hard. Thankfully the rod did not break but we ended up losing the entire line in a Shimano Sienna 4000 reel that hold around 200m of braided line.

Pros of the trip?

Based on my experience, one of the pros of fishing in Port Dickson is that the sea water is smoother compared to other open sea which tends to be more choppy, therefore the PD water is more forgiving to those who gets seasick easily. Besides that, it is also a good starting ground for newbies to witness whopping monsters being brought up. The last trip I went to PD, I even saw a huge huge turtle that was just chilling on the surface of the water out in deep areas.

Did they think having a guide was useful and informative?

Well, because they are newly exposed to fishing, I do think it was useful because they did not know how to handle the rod, tie knots and the proper action required when casting.  I was the one guiding them, standing right beside them, giving tips and explaining the mechanics and technicality to jigging. At the end of the trip our friend, Mr. Ahboo thanked me for being an excellent and informative guide. I was very happy to hear that I helped make their first fishing trip a success!