Royal Belum State Park, Perak Location: Royal Belum Forest Reserve, Perak Level: Intermediate – Expert Anglers. Not recommended for newbies as you will be fishing on a small boat most of the time and it’s an overnight trip inside the forest reserve.  Cost: Depending on the package you pick! How many days you want to stay, how many people altogether, etc.  Set: Medium to heavy Bait: Artificial lure, live catfish What kind of fish can you catch? Toman (Giant Snakehead) and Sebarau (Hampala Barb) are the main species to aim for! Kawan, (Friendly Barb), Lampam Sungai (Barboides), Kelah (Malaysian Mahseer), Baung

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About 5 years ago, I was introduced to fishing by a friend who is an avid angler. His love for fishing was so contagious that he was branded as the fisherman in University. From there, he has gotten quite a number of people to try out fishing and I was one of them. Ever since then, I have gone on a few trips to get a feel of what fishing is all about. After going to various different locations for fishing, I noticed the lack of females that are interested in this sport or hobby. I previously wrote a blog

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5 types of fishing

For decades, fishing has been a crucial activity for capturing seafood and protein for the Malaysian population. As much as Malaysians love their seafood, many anglers treat fishing as a sport or a hobby rather than a means to provide food for themselves, hence why the practice of catch and release has become even more common in today’s society. This article will talk about the 5 types of fishing you can experience in Malaysia and many other countries around the world. Fly Fishing The basic concept of fly fishing is to trick the fish by imitating the fish’s natural fo

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Yellow Water Dam, National Botanical Garden Location: Bukit Cherakah, Shah Alam Level: Suitable for beginners and experienced anglers Cost: RM 30 for 7 hours Set: Ultra light to heavy Bait: They do not sell bait there, therefore you must buy beforehand. Chicken organs is suitable for this pond. As for lures, universal lures can be used! The fish are used to eating live fish bait so the best lure to use is spoon, white profile bait. What kind of fish can you catch? Pacu, Toman, Jelawat, Patin & Tilapia  Additional Information: They do not have any restaurants in the fishing

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The Importance of Catch & Release


Recreational fishing is a popular sport amongst Malaysians. With the vast body of water surrounding Malaysia, anglers will travel around the country to experience the various kind of fishing that is offered, especially since fishing is not a ‘one size fits all’ kind of sport, anglers are keen to try out and master as many techniques as they can. With this, it is crucial for anglers to practice ethical behaviour and be knowledgeable about how to handle and release the fish once it has been caught. It is a common to catch a fish in the open sea and keep

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Borneo Open Sea Guided Trip

Kuching, Sarawak,  31st March – 4th April 2017 Our very own JomFishing guide, KC brought a group of 12 people on an open sea trip to Kuching, Sarawak in Borneo. Let’s see how the outcome of the trip was… What is the name of the charter used? Was it in good condition? Was the charter helpful and informative? We booked the Sea Wonder boat charter (https://trip.jomfishing.com/kuching-fishing) one year earlier because the demand for this charter is very high. With that, the charter arranged a captain, a cook, and 2 deckhands for us. We were provided 4 meals a day and

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