Kuching, Sarawak,  31st March – 4th April 2017

Our very own JomFishing guide, KC brought a group of 12 people on an open sea trip to Kuching, Sarawak in Borneo. Let’s see how the outcome of the trip was…

What is the name of the charter used? Was it in good condition? Was the charter helpful and informative?

We booked the Sea Wonder boat charter ( one year earlier because the demand for this charter is very high. With that, the charter arranged a captain, a cook, and 2 deckhands for us. We were provided 4 meals a day and we were able to request for them to cook the fish that we caught in the sea. The condition of the boat was very well kept.

The boatman was informative as well because before we departed off the sea, he provided us with information such as, what kind of fishing gear and setting is suitable for our target fish – Mackerel. That helped us get more prepared and excited to score some catches!

What is the exact location of the place you went?

We went to Gobeil, Kuching. We departed from Sarawak Rivers Board (Terminal Penumpang Kuching) early in the morning. We were initially supposed to depart from their private jetty, but the water level was too low, therefore we departed from the Rivers Board. But we arrived back at the private jetty after our fishing trip was over.


How long were you on the boat for?

We were on the boat for 4 days, 3 nights. Ate, fish and slept on the boat! The boat departed from the jetty in the morning and it took us 6 hours to reach the first fishing spot.

How many people were on the boat and how many newbies?

Altogether there were 12 people on the boat. 10 anglers and 2 newbies. Since this trip is catered towards experienced anglers, JomFishing taught and provided sufficient information to the newbies ahead of time to made sure they have the right equipment for the trip.

What kind of fishes were caught?

We caught a lot of Red snapper (locals call it Merah) and Mackerel as well! We did catch some Saltwater Catfish as well. All in all, we caught approximately 400 – 500 kgs worth of fish!

From 9 am to 4 pm, the boatman brought us to their usual spot to do some bottom fishing and catch Red Snappers. After 4 pm, the boatman parked at specific spot meant for catching Mackerel! The evening spot allowed us to fish in various ways including jigging, casting and bottom fishing as well!


What was the best rod & lure to use for this kind of trip?

This is based on my personal opinion of which worked best:

  1. PE1-3 – Can be used for light jigging (but it also depends on water current) & bottom fishing for Mackerel (Tenggiri)
  1. PE2-4 – Used for Red Snapper (Merah) & Grouper (Kerapu) day time with boat supplied Apollo. Can use for jigging with jig size 200g & above.
  1. I would highly recommend you get 1 spinning rod with the poundage of 10-17 lbs or 12-20 lbs for Mackerel (Tenggeri) casting with Halco Max 130 lure. Reel size: 4000, Braided line: 30lbs. Mono leader: 40-60 lbs

The boatman even provided us with a drawing as to how to tie our knots for the Apollo set!


Were there any difficulties that were faced?

We did face some difficulties for this trip, but it was all solved in a timely manner and now I know what to do for future trips! One of the difficulties faced was rod packing for air cargo. But now we know, to keep the rod safe, we will need to use extra hard PVC pipe or a bazooka to make sure no damages will occur.

Another difficulty we faced was having to tie a knot or hook for the Apollo set on the boat because it caused some of us to feel sea sick easily. So for future trips, tying of the knots will be done ahead of time, before we depart.

Pros of the trip overall, (i.e. was it a good location for newbies to go to?)

This place is a must try for every angler! During this trip, our newbies strike 10 mackerel (8 bottom, 1 casting, 1 jigging). Good place for anglers to test their skill and equipment, this definitely will push them to the next level.

The boat was very comfortable, everyone have their own sleeping deck, they had air conditioning running 24 hours, toilet  is clean and fresh water for showering!

Did they think having a guide was useful and informative?

I definitely think it was useful especially for beginners. I would suggest they must have a  guide (sifu/guru) when going on this trip because there are many thing that needs preparation, such as:

  1. How to pack their fishing gear for air cargo
  2. Setting for Mackerel and Merah
  3. Skill and drag setting for Mackerel to prevent the fish from running away after strike. They believe that if one Mackerel runs away, the whole group of Mackerel will follow. 
  4. Guide/sifu needs to help anglers/newbies unhook the Mackerel since that fish has sharp teeth. Newbies tend to have trouble unhooking it from the fish’s mouth. 

How was the weather? Did it rain? Is April the right time of the year to visit Kuching?

Overall, the weather is okay. It only rained on the 3rd night. The right time of the year to fish in Kuching would be between April – June and in September because this is known as Mackerel season!