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Open Sea Guided Trip – Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan


On the 11th of March, a group of newbie anglers booked a trip with Jomfishing to try fishing for the first time! Our fishing guide, Reza brought these 6 individuals out in the open sea in Port Dickson for their first ever trip! After the trip, I interviewed Reza to find out how the trip went. What is the name of the charter used? Was it in good condition? Was the boatman helpful and informative? I chose to bring them on Asyraf’s Charter ( because the boat he provided could fit 7 of us and his price is reasonable as

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Panduan Untuk Pemancing Baru!

  Memancing dahulunya adalah dianggap sebagai salah satu cara untuk menghidangkan makanan dan kini telah menjadi salah satu sukan yang kompetitif di dunia. Individu pada masa kini lebih gemar untuk mencuba aktiviti memancing. Sesetengah menganggap aktiviti memancing sebagai satu hobi manakala ada juga yang hanya mencuba untuk sekadar pengalaman. Apa yang dapat saya rumuskn aktiviti memancing adalah sukan yang memerlukan tumpuan yang terperinci dan teliti. Berbeza dengan sukan tradisional yang lain seperti bola sepak, memancing memerlukan peralatan yang berbeza mengikut persekitaran. Oleh itu, saya telah menyediakan panduan mudah bagi individu yang baru mula berjinak untuk memulakan aktiviti memancing! Melalukan Penyelidikan!

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Beginner’s Guide to Fishing

“Fishing is the activity of catching fish. It is an ancient practice dating back at least 40,000 years. “ Fishing has evolved from being a means of providing food on the table, to now being a competitive sport that is practiced all over the world. People nowadays are more interested in trying out fishing, whether it’s a one time experience or picking it up as a hobby. What I have learned overtime about fishing is that it is a meticulous, detailed sport. Unlike other traditional sports, like football, fishing requires different equipments depending on the environment. That is why I have

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Senwell Fishing Park, Kamunting Perak


5 Friends, 9 Hours and 18 Catches. 2 March 2017 Start time: 10 am / End time: 7 pm “Fishing is just not a sport; it’s a way of life” I found this very true, especially after my friends invited me for a road trip on a random Wednesday to visit Senwell Fishing Park in Kamunting, Perak. Amongst the five of us, the three boys have been fishing even before primary school, Deeya has been exposed to fishing since university days, which then leaves me; a newbie compared to the rest.   Nadia, Reza, Eng Hoe, Zaihim & Deeya We left

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Pulau Aman, Tempat Untuk Memancing dan Makan Seafood


Anda pernah ke pulau pinang?? Salah satu tempat yang terkenal dengan feri dan juga perkhidmatan feri di butterworth.. tapi  pernah kah anda tahu bahawa pulau pinang mempunyai satu tempat destinasi yang sangat menarik sekiranya anda ingin memancing dan bagi yang mengidam seafood.. Anda pasti menyesal sekiranya anda telah sampai ke Pulau Pinang tanpa sempat pergi ke Pulau Aman ni.. apa yang seronok sangat kat Pulau Aman ni? Pulau Aman merupakan sebuah pulau dari gugusan pulau-pulau yang ada di pulau pinang. Pulau aman ni terletak di suatu kawasan yang dikelilingi dengan air laut yang sangat bersih dan jernih.. Pulau aman terletak

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Empangan Air Kuning


Empangan Air Kuning Located Empangan Air Kuning is one of the most natural looking fishing pond that is available within the city center of Shah Alam that offers a very outdoor feeling to anglers as you are surrounded by trees. People who come here can experience the battle between the species such as Pacu, Amazon Red Tail Catfish, Sebarau, Jelawat, Toman, and more. You must enjoy the ride because to get into the dam from the park entrance framed with beautiful nature view! Empangan Air Kuning is located in the midst of massive park, Taman Pertanian Malaysia, Shah Alam. This

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